On this occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi  the most important part of the festival is the Ganesh Murti ( Ganesh Idols , Ganesh Statue ). They symbolize the presence of lord Ganesh at you home or Ganesh Mandal hence they are really important and everyone should like the ganesh murti.

So as a resource to ganesh chaturthi we are  posting the best Ganesh Images and wallpapers. Don't forgot to check out Ganesh Chaturthi Images

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Ganpati Images - Most Famous Ganpati in India

Lalbaughcha Raja 

This murti is one of the most famous ganpati idol in India. Its of Lalbaughcha Raja, the King of Lalbaug. Many bollywood celebrities and people in mumbai pay a visit to Lalbaugcha Raja. Its design has been patented.In 2015, the Lalbaugcha Raja Ganpati is now in its 80th year. 
Ganpati Idol , Redi

The Ganapati temple of Redi is located approximately 30 km from Vengurla, in the small village of Redi. The town in which this temple is situated contains manganese mines and the Ganpati idol was found in one of the mines near Rewati port in 1976.

 Best Ganesh Murti in India (Big / Large)

Here are some of the best ganesh images to refer while selecting Ganesh Idol this year.

Lord Ganesh Images - Small Murti

These are some Ganpati Images of Ganesh Murti at home in India.

I hope you liked these big resource of Ganesh Images for this Ganesh Chaturthi. Hope you use them to the fullest. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

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