Vinayaka Chaturthi will be celebrated on 05th Monday, Thursday and all the people will be celebrating it with full of joy and enthusiasm. All the worshipers will welcome Ganapti bappa with joy in their heart.

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated for 10 days in various regions of the country.

On the first day of vinayaka chaturthi ganesh murti staphna ( Ganesh Statue Establishment ) is done. All the Ganesh bhakts ( Worshipers ) welcome Ganapati Bappa with a band and playing gulal with each other.

Then Ganesh sthapna is done by doing aarti of ganesh murti and showing prasad ( Sacrament ) of 21 modak's to Ganesh ji and then distributing the prasad among the bhakts. 

The aarti of Ganesh ji is done everyday in morning and evening for the 10 days. Various games and competition are arranged by ganesh mandals and all people participate in them with full joyfulness. 

Ganesh staphna is done in families as well as in various Ganesh Mandal in many societies.

On the 10th day Ganesh Visarjan ( Immersion ) is done. All the bhakts say a good bye to Ganapti Bappa with a hope and wait that ganapati bappa will arive early at their homes and ganesh mandals next year. 

Ganapati Visarjan is done in rivers and well by the worshipers. Various slogans are said like -

" Ganapati bappa morya , Pudchya warshi lavkar ya."

" Ek ladu Futla Ganapati Bappa Uthla "

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